COVID-19 Comeback Fund
Let's BEAT this!
As the social group sales platform for the live events industry, Spinzo specializes in bringing people together. While our industry is on hold and as events start to reschedule, we want to continue to bring people together, this time collectively to beat this virus.
Donations start at just $10
For donations over $1,000, please email
Client Involvement
Any Spinzo client can launch a campaign
25%+ of ticket price goes to the fund
Spinzo will donate 25% of fees
Why the Campaign?
Live events bring people together
As the Social Group Sales Platform for the industry, Spinzo has a duty to do its part
The more active we are at solving this now, the faster we can bring people back together for live events
Are you IN?
Donations start at just $10
For donations over $1,000, please email
Spinzo COVID-19 fund will disperse funds to recipient organizations periodically. The fund is not a charitable organization and does not issue tax receipts. The fund will carve out 4% of proceeds to pay transaction and funds transfer fees.